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Petsonic™ Hair Groomer

Petsonic™ Hair Groomer

Petsonic™ Hair Groomer

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Are you tired of paying expensive grooming costs?

Grooming can cost upwards of $500 per year! That is just for a small tidy up every couple of months. Why pay so much for such a simple task?


Does your dog get scared every time the clippers turn on?

Traditional grooming kits are far too loud which causes your pets to stress out and become uncomfortable which ultimately leads to an agonizing and dangerous grooming experience for your precious fur babies. The Petsonic™ is made with a revolutionary motor that makes it the quietest yet most powerful trimmer on the market. It easily adapts to the curves, fur size, and all sensitive areas of your pet, making sure they get the safest experience with no skin irritation. 



Its so easy to use, hassle free grooming

The Petsonic™ dog clippers are advanced and very user friendly; Included in this dog grooming kit we provide various level combs (3-6-9-12mm).

With these limiting combs you can safely trim your pet even if you've never done it before. In addition when you purchase this dog hair trimmer you'll receive adjustable titanium blades ranging from 2mm - 0.9mm for any kind of adjustment on hair length.



✔️Clamp-Free Trimmer Blade- the spindle of the trimmer is made from fine copper which stops it from clamping on your pet's hair and creates a smooth cutting experience.

✔️5 in 1 Trimmer- a simple twist of the handle gives you 5 different adjustable blade lengths plus 4 attachments which lets you tackle every area of your pet's body and any lengths of hair that needs grooming. 

✔️Ergonomic design- the trimmer is completely cordless and is made with lightweight equipment which ensures a comfortable and smooth experience in your hands as you take care of your pets grooming needs.

✔️Rechargeable battery- battery has a runtime for 3-4 hours making it plenty for any full length grooming process.



There is no other pet trimmer on the market can beat the safety and low sound of the Petsonic™ Groomer. In the end, nothing is more important than the experience of your pet during this essential part of their routine.

Make sure they have the smoothest, hassle free, and comfortable grooming experience possible by grabbing yours today!

Package contents:

  • Petsonic™ Hair Trimmer
  • 4 Adjustable Trimming Heads
  • Usb Charger
    • 1200Mah Lithium Battery


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